How do you know when it’s time to change bookmakers?

The reason for changing the bookmaker’s office does not always lie in unsuitable playing conditions. It can be hidden in individual actions of the bookmaker himself, for example:

  • Blocking the account. Even bettors who do not use unfair methods of play are subject to such punishment. If several bets were placed on “gray” matches, the security service will block the account for verification. In such a situation, fans of betting on outsiders in low-rated tournaments can get into. This is especially true for tennis, where there are a lot of fakes. Strange matches often happen in less popular tournaments. An honest user will prove that his bets on the “gray” outcomes were random. But such a client is taken by the security service on a pencil. With each subsequent occurrence of a controversial outcome, the account will be blocked again. In such a situation, it is necessary to change the strategy or the bank;
  • Casualties of a plus bettor. When a client begins to win large amounts of money for several months in a row and withdraw them, many bookmakers try to reduce their losses. They individually reduce such a user odds, reduce betting limits, etc. This action bookmakers do not violate anything, because in many bookmakers’ rules there are 2 points. The first – the game in a bookmaker’s office is a game of chance and is not intended for continuous earnings. The second – the operator has the right to change the client’s limits individually;
  • Deterioration of the financial situation in a betting shop. Not only industrial enterprises, but also bookmaker’s offices experience financial crises. In such a situation, they reduce the bonus program, increase the margin, worsen the playing conditions for the betting markets, which bring a weak profit. For example, betting on soccer statistics brought the BM a loss last year. Managers will decide to worsen the line of this direction. Plus bettors may be assigned frequent double verification: sending screenshots of additional documents, video communication, etc.

In such situations it is worth thinking about changing bookmaker, especially since there are plenty of good legal betting companies today.

How to change a betting company?

It is necessary to study again the conditions of the game in a reliable bookmaker. Even if these bookmakers were analyzed by you earlier, they might have changed a lot for the better in the intervening period. Bookmaker, which a year ago was not suitable, today may optimally meet the requirements.

Or maybe it’s not about the bookmaker?

The need to change the office is not always due to the bookmaker himself. The reason for such a step can be provoked by the user himself:

The use of unfair methods, which led to the blocking of the account;
The use of bonus offers, without active betting. With this approach, the operator can also apply sanctions to the bettor;
Frequent losses due to the use of a “raw” strategy, or with poor analysis of sports events and poor discipline. Some users think that everything will change when they change their betting broker, and the current operator is just unhappy for them.


There are 2 main reasons for the lack of profit when playing sports betting: the use of a weak strategy and the wrong choice of betting company. If the theory on paper brings income, but in practice there are difficulties – it makes sense to think about changing bookmaker. If you are not sure about your strategy, maybe the betting shop has nothing to do with it.

Experienced bettors register an account on the websites of several betting companies and take advantage of their strengths individually. For example, one company offers good playing conditions for soccer and hockey statistics, but a terrible Live section. In another betting company, online betting is convenient and promising, but the statistical coverage is poor. If a bettor prefers to make live bets and usually bets on statistics, then he should have an account at both BKs.