How do I feel about betting on sports?

People come to betting for different reasons. Some want to increase the level of excitement in life by betting on sporting events that interest them. Others aim to learn how to earn money from sports betting and make it their main income. It is for the latter category of users that this material is dedicated.

Can I make betting my main income?

Before understanding whether it is worth trying to make betting in a betting shop as your main way of earning money, you should take a look at the average results of professional bettors. Take a look, and come to understand that it is impossible to reduce it to a common denominator, because in one month a bettor can show a profit of 10-15%, and sometimes the income is only a few percent. And even those who can claim to be professionals occasionally have negative results reaching 15-20%.

The results presented can be called good. But even with such figures it is impossible to live comfortably at a long distance. In this case, the vast majority of bettors, especially beginners, will not be able to demonstrate them either;

All of this leads to the idea that betting should not be the main income. It is still possible to be in the black according to the results of a certain long time period, but it is not possible to do it every month. And how to live in a bad month, because it is not always possible to accumulate good savings? That is the reason why sports betting should not be the main income. But it’s worth admitting that there are some cool pros who really make money on betting almost on a regular basis. But these are few, who have achieved positive results at the expense of a lot of hard work and high intelligence. True, and they are insured by earnings through, for example, blogging.

Is it possible to make betting an additional income?

Betting can be made as a secondary source of income. But one thing must be taken into account here – success in betting requires a lot of time. If you have a main job and a family that requires many household chores, there will not be much time left for betting. But even in such circumstances, you can try to make money in several ways:

  • Directly betting in the BM;
  • Participation in prediction competitions on specialized resources.

The place of betting in life

Betting on sports attracts many people for two reasons:

  • The seeming ease of making money from knowledge of sports;
  • The increased excitement of watching a sporting event.

Moving away from the psychological addiction to betting is difficult. Someone actively plays computer games. Others attend sports sections. There are also those who spend a lot of time playing in the BM. But betting should not be at the head of everything. It can occupy the void left after work and home affairs.

The main mistakes of beginner bettors

What should those, who want to play in betting in their free time, but don’t lose much and, if possible, even earn money, not to become a rake? Such goals can be achieved, if you make three consecutive steps:

  • Learn basics of betting: types of bets and rules of their calculation, how odds are formed and what is margin, oversize, skew, the wallop, etc. The author of the lines once called a friend and asked why he was calculated in hockey bet P1 as a losing one, when the home team won in a shootout. The question he was asked, “Was the bet on the home team’s win settled for regular time or with overtime and shootouts included?” threw him into a tizzy. Turns out he had bet on a regulation time win, which is why he lost. To avoid such stoppages, you have to understand everything thoroughly;
  • Develop independently or use existing working strategies. Very many promising theories are disclosed in one of the sections of our project. A separate material even says how to develop a strategy yourself. The theory must be tested and become confident that you can win with it;
  • Nurture psychological stability, discipline and hard work. Success on the course is based on painstaking analytical work.